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Yarn Wall Hanging

DIY Yarn Wall Hanging-4

Yarn wall hangings can cost upwards of $200 on ETSY. This one you see above was $30 and made by yours truly!

DIY Yarn Wall Hanging-3

The inspiration behind the tassel colors was this bright + beautiful IKEA Raskog cart.

DIY Yarn Wall Hanging-2

I wanted the color black to be involved to match our Pella windows.

DIY Yarn Wall Hanging-5

The tassels were made by wrapping yarn around a book about 30 times and then cutting at one end. I tied long pieces of twine around the middle of the groups. I didn’t trim the length of the twine until I figured out exactly how long I wanted the final product to be.

DIY Yarn Wall Hanging-6

Every piece of material came from Michael’s! A dowel rod, spray paint (for the rod), twine + cheap yarn! The scissors + book I already had at home.

DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

The outcome was 36 inches wide + 30 inches high. This would be a great project to tackle with kids. You could get really creative with the colors, or keep things monotone! There are some great examples of other versions here on The Child At Heart’s blog. My yarn was on sale at Michael’s for $2 but Purl Soho has more high end options with silky textures. Make it yours!



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